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Oh hello, welcome to cart3lfromlove.com. If you are new to us we do things a little different around. We talk about our struggles, fashion, lifestyle, arts, current events, and more. Today we are talking about culture. The world is so big and there many different kinds of culture the last time we talked about the Japanese and how much we love their style and culture. you can read that over here. Now there are over 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, many of which are spoken by fewer than a few hundred people. The top 10 or 12 languages, however, make up the vast majority of all of the speakers in the world. crazy eh. We have gathered other cultural differences that are very interesting. Here are our top 10 facts from all over the world that we found very interesting.


1 Did you know that in Albania, Nodding your head means no? and shaking your head means yes?

2 Mexicans celebrate New Year’s Eve by eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. This tradition is actually fairly common among Latin American countries and dates back to their ancestors.

3 We love cheese but did you know there are 450 types of cheese in the world, and 250 come from France.

4 Did you know that fortune cookies didn’t start from China? Fortune cookies were actually invented in America in 1918 by Charles Jung.

5 Speaking of America did you know every day, Americans eat an estimated 18 acres of pizza. That is a lot of pizza


6 Did you know Puerto Ricans invented the Pina Colada – the delicious coconut based drink? Sipping a Pina Colada on a beach in Puerto Rico is, in fact, very Rico.

7 Did you know that in Falk Islands in the UK 350 sheep for every person? With only about 3,000 people the Falkland Islands are home to approximately half-a million-sheep. Not surprisingly wool is a major export.

8 Did you know Canada has the most lakes in the world?With over 3 million lakes 9% of Canadian territory is actually fresh water and over 60% of all the lakes in the world are found within its borders.

9 Did you know that In Tibet, it is considered polite to stick out your tongue at your guests? So sticking your tongue out is to proof that you are not doing black magic and therefore can be trusted to some level, for at least, you are not going to cast some nasty spell the next time you get angry at someone. it is similar to shaking hands. When we shake hands, we show that there is no weapon in our arm.

10 People in Western China, Tibet, and Mongolia put salt in their tea.



It’s the millennia of information. Everything is so reachable now more than ever. It’s up to us how to use it. We share what we have gathered and written about to show the world that you can never stop learning. There the world is filled with so much different culture it really is such a beautiful thing instead of hating we must learn to appreciate and be aware of our surroundings. Spread love not hate. We are and always will be cart3lfromlove.com educating the world with articles, letters, notes, and stories. Be you and be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all.


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