Throw back Thursday’s. Updates and more always from love

Today is Thursday and We are throwing back to the articles that we wrote this week. If you are new to us welcome we do thing a little different around here. We write about fashion lifestyle, arts, music, culture, health, fitness, current events, our opinions, our struggles, our hero and more. This week was a crazy week and we wrote all about it in our small little online store. Just in case you missed it here is a quick summary of what we wrote this week so far.We are a travel magazine with a twist. We write to document, we write to inspire the uninspired and we write to educate the world. Self-help tips for the new millennia.


Health is wealth. We are working on our fitness and we wrote about running man right. Go for a run its one of the easiest ways to get fit. You catch that article right here.


We also talked about the major differences from east to west of Canada when it comes to lifestyle right here.

Since its pride month, we educated everyone about the ball culture and where we got the idea of legendary children. You can read all about that over here.


We also talked about Manchester concert. Love will always be the cure. The Manchester concert reminded us of that. Just in case you missed the concert we have you covered right here.


We love exploring and everyone should explore and open their mind to the beauty of their surroundings. You can catch that out right here.


We believe in having a healthy well-balanced living. Working on your body is not enough. Our mind is very important. We meditate and we wrote all about there here.

We write to motivate ourselves and the community that we have built together. Check that our right here


We talked about when you work online right here.


We love getting inspired by culture and we wrote about the Japanese right here.


We practice yoga and wrote about the inspiring lululemon ad this is yoga right here.


We also educated the world where sneakers got their name from right here.


On Wednesday’s we wear pink and yesterday we wrote about Ontario passing the bill 89 right here.


We love women, yesterday on Women Crush Wednesday in honor of reaching 6549 views, 1352 posts, 3 cities, 58 countries We celebrated our big mother here on you can catch that right here.


There is to much hate going on in the world and its really up to us on how we can change that. Here in our small online magazine, we are about encouraging everyone to be the best you, that you can ever be. Changing and educating the world with love, articles, notes, letters and stories. Always and forever cart3l from Until our next post be the cure, be the slayer of the truth, and be kind to one another. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all.



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