You don’t have to make lemonade. Always from love


Oh Hello, Today is talk Tuesday here at If you are new to us we do things different around here. Our small online magazine has articles, notes, love letters, and stories. We are a self-help guide for the new millennia. Let’s go back way back to where we started. Calvin and I started this whole thing just the two of us. It started from an Idea of changing the world of online creatures. We got too carried away and started telling everyone. First of all, not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone has the same point of view. We live and learn. That was the biggest mistake that we could have ever made. But when life gives you lemons you have more than one option. Lemonade is not the only option. We then started our journey to Montreal and that gave birth to our Vintage Cart3l line.


Now I have made it back to where I started Vancouver. Toronto is home. Vancouver is where I started but Toronto is where I have evolved. I am are here for a reason and purpose. We then started talking and asking people online about certain subjects which they have answered in their own ways. We are still shocked. We never wanted to be validated but it does feel great. We are not in anyway close to what we want to do. We share our struggles and our journey to everyone. Now we have people that we are working with and building with and for that we are thankful. We only just started. We are the writers, the creators, and our own publicist. We make everything work. Now we are known as the slayer of the truth. We carry the light and we are very optimistic people.


We share the light that was given to us by the great gods that we love. We keep pushing and keep fighting not just for us, but for our families and our now legendary children. We write to educate, we write to inspire the uninspired, and we write to document what we have done. Our grind is different than the rest. What we have done and what we have created is so beautiful and so unique. Our voice is not the norm and never will be. We will never stop. We will always keep pushing. We will always educate the world with love. Open your eyes the world is beautiful. Always and forever We are a new age media. New wave, new words, new sound. Be the slayer of the truth, be you and be kind to one another. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all. Cyber love, Cyber refresh, Cyber world.


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