When you work online


If you are new to us welcome to cart3lfromlove.com where we talk about fashion, lifestyle, arts, culture, health, fitness and our daily life. We a. We are a travel magazine with a twist on self-care for the new millennia. When you work online everyone is your critic. We live in a world of opinions. Everyone always has something to say. It can be the way you dress, it can be the way you write or talk, and sometimes it can be an attack on you personally. How do you deal with people assumptions online? First You have to block the negativity and focus on what you need to do. If you focus on what other people say then you won’t be able to get to your goals in life. Worry about yourself before you worry about what other people have to say about you.


Taking care of yourself should be everyone’s priority first. Don’t feed into the negativity. It’s a crazy world out there and everyone is out to get each other. We started as a joke and now we are known as the slayer of the truth. We learn from everyone and we share them with the world. Stay grounded and motivated. Believe in yourself. You are the only one that is control of your own life and your destiny. We live for the moments that matter to us and not matter to anyone. We did all of this and we have traveled city to city. Finding great individuals along the way. The online is filled with so many different views it’s up to you how to use those. Always and forever cart3lfromlove.com Educating the world one post at a time. We hope everyone is having a great Motivational Monday. We have reached new height in our small little magazine and we are so thankful for that. Happy Hunger Games. Be the slayer of the truth, be the cure, be the change. Spread love, appreciate and never stop exploring



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