The Japanese from love.


Oh hi if you are new to us welcome to where we talk about current events, fashion, lifestyle, culture, our travels, and more. We do things different around here.We get inspired by anything and everything but one of our favourite inspirations when it comes to fashion is the Japanese. Let’s talk about the Japanese culture and its fashions. We love the Japanese fashion and its culture. From Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake, to Kenzō TakadaEach and every single one of these Japanese designers is known for their bold and amazing fashion collections. We miss the old days of the Harajuku Fashion, Where everyone wore crazy outfits just like this. They tend to not care about what they wear. They follow their own trends. Clothing must be worn with enjoyment. Fashion for us is being able to wear clothes and have a story. You can wear clothes and have fun with it.


That is fashion. Fashion is wearing clothes the way the Japanese do. They are alive when they wear clothes. Dressing for them is an art form just like us. Don’t be boring, don’t be basic. The Japanese just really knows how to dress. They are good at mixing so many different things. Print on print. Texture with print shapes you name it they will wear it. There is a certain way that the Japanese just know how to carry the garments. We think everyone should learn from the Japanese culture and their fashions. They just know what’s up. Don’t just wear clothes have fun with it. Play around its always fun to dress up. Get inspired with these amazing Japanese designers and the actual old Japanese street style. Get inspired every day. Educate yourself. Spread love, not hate. Always and forever We have a collection of articles, notes, love letters, stories and our inspirations. We are inspired by the Japanese fashion and We think everyone should be too. Be the cure, be the slayer of the truth, and be kind to one another happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.




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