Motivational Monday We are close to 6500 views. Thank you to everyone who has been reading our small magazine. Always from love.


If you are new to us welcome to we have articles, notes, love letters, and stories. We do thing a little different out here. We are a magazine with a twist. We talk about, fashion, culture, arts, current events, health, fitness and our travels. We are like a self-help guide for new millennia. We started by asking individuals questions and they have responded to us and encourage us in there own way. Today we woke up to so much love. We are close to 1500 views in our small magazine. Today is motivational Monday here at and we have chosen two quotes that we have found online. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people you say you cannot do. This is true in life. Everyone has their opinions and if we have listened to everyone and if stopped then we wouldn’t be able to have reached all of the views that we have today. We push ourselves and motivate ourselves every day. It has been a crazy journey but we are just getting started. We made our own waves, our own sound, and our own voice. Motivate yourself every day. We all have our paths in life and this is ours. We are a new age educator. We write to inspire the uninspired, we write to document what we have done, we write to educate the world, we write to motivate ourselves and others.



We have been trough so many different hurdles and we have shared those with everyone. We share our opinions and our love to everyone. We plan this whole thing out and we are just getting started. Dedicate yourself. Nothing is easy in this world. But never stop. We believe in working hard in your craft. We also believe in changing with the times. We found that there is a lot of different points and views in the millennia. Each and every single one of them has a different kind of voice and originality. Ours is different than the most. We add our daily life and on top of that, we try to inspire each and ever single one of the people that read our online magazine. We love fashion, arts, culture, health, and education. We are new age influencer, we work for different companies and help them grow.


Now we have made our mark as the slayers of the truth. This is why we only talk about what we love and what we know. We have set out battles towards love. We are not the norm in any sense  and we never will be. We are partners in love, partners in the company and community that we have built. Once you figure out what respect tastes like it tastes better than attention. We are the mother and the father of our own clan. We make our plans, dreams, and creations come trough. Look back every once in a while. But never live in the past. You must move forward. You must keep up with the times. Online is our playground where we talk about, our lifestyle, fashion, culture, arts, health and fitness. Always and forever Be you, Be the cure, Be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Life is too short live for the moment. There is to much hate in the world. Spread love. Cyber love, cyber refresh, cyber world. Play the game of love. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all. Thank you from me and him and our now legendary children.



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