Manchester. Always from love.

Oh Hello, if you are new to us welcome to where we talk about Fashion, lifestyle, art, music and current events. The world is standing together for Manchester . We talk about the bombing that happened in Ariana Grande’s Concert right here .  Today was the Manchester one love concert.

Love will always win, today was another proof and we are all about this concert. Thousands of people attended the one love Manchester benefit concert. The emotions were high and the show was incredible. It was a star-studded show. The one love Manchester concert, a benefit, and tribute for to the victims of the suicide bombing that had happened to Ariana Grande’s concert.22 dead and 120 people were injured. There were thousands of followers during the concert. It was a hate crime and terrorist attack. There is too much hate going on in the world. It’s really up to us how to change everything. This concert reminded us that us humans are the only ones who can change this. We must all do our part and spread the love. Don’t hate, appreciate. Accept everyone for everyone’s differences. Do your part in changing the world. Always and forever Changing and educating the world with letters, articles, and love notes. Be the cure. be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. We hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Until our next post, don’t worry we won’t change and we won’t stop spreading the love. Cyber love, Cyber world, cyber refresh.


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