Saturday Slay worthy updates always from love


This week on if you are new to us welcome. It has been a crazy week. Lots to do and lots to say.We are a travel magazine with a twist. We have a collection of notes, articles, love letters, and individuals that we have met along the way. Here is a quick update of all the articles we wrote for you guys just in case you missed it.

Sunday We talked about cyber bullying  and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland How she stood up against Body shaming. You can catch that article here.


Monday is all about motivational. So We picked our favourite motivational fashion quotes. You can catch that here


We talked about the countries that still have a ban against people of the LGBT community. You can catch all of that here.


Did you know what a Grabatologist is? Go check it out here.


We also wrote about our favourite Disney Mouse Mickey and Minnie and the history behind it, Check that our over here.


We educated the world and talked about religion. Religion is such an interesting topic to learn and talk about. Catch the article over here.


We are comics here and we believe that laughter is medicine for life. If you need a little laugh we talked about Memes right here.


Every Wednesdays we wear pink here at we talk about pink for anti-bullying here.


We have a thing for coffee and we educated everyone with its health benefits here.


We also talked about everyone’s all time favourite piece of clothing denim and the history about it right here


We also talked about body positivity right here.


One of our favourite coffee spots in Toronto we talked about right here.


It’s pride month and we kicked it off by talking about the history behind pride parades right here.


We wrote a quick update on our journey here at and you can catch that right here.


Since its pride month we celebrated our favourite Mother. Mama Rupaul and you can catch that right here.


Yesterday we posted about the look book that we made for Violethill X Karimadon go check out over here.


Learn something new every day to better yourself in looking at other people’s perspective. Evolve and change. Spread love, accept others for who they are and celebrate them. Don’t generalize people. We are all different. There is to much hate going on around the world and its really up to us to change that with love. We are new age educators where we educate the world with articles, love notes, and letters. Always and forever Be the change, play the game of love and slay nothing but the truth. Let the music play. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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