Basic is good…… Only for essentials.

Oh Hello if you are new to us welcome to where we talk about fashion, lifestyle, current events, politics, heal, fitness and more. We are a travel magazine with a twist and today we are talking about basics. We love clothes and a little bird by the name of Tina Leung asked us what is our favorite go to? Well, first and for most we love clothes and we wear clothes that like there is no tomorrow. We use clothes as a way to express ourselves but we love our basics so let’s educate the world on basics that everyone needs. If you are just starting your closet these are great tips for your to own and use.We talked about denim here in our last post. Denim is a great essential that everyone should have in their closet. We don’t care what fit you wear. You can we flare, straight, skinny just do us all a favor and make sure that its fits you well. It should fit you in the hips and the length, Make sure you wear denim that accentuates your curves. Do not wear anything that looks sloppy. Get two colours a darker shade and a basic lighter shade of denim.

Next is T-shirts get the basic colours in white, black, gray and navy in both V-neck and Crew neck cuts. A nice fitting T-shirt goes a long way. Jackets are an easy way to elevate your look. A nice fitting sports jacket, leather jacket, denim jacket goes a long way. Shoes make sure you have at least a nice pair of trainers/ sneakers. For guys owning a nice dress shoe will more than just benefit you but it makes you look more put together. For women get a pair of comfy heels. Get two colours for men and women brown and black.

shorts are a basic that everyone should. Dress to your body but make sure that the shorts will show off your legs. There is a reason why its called shorts. Last and certainly but not the least for women a nice basic dress that has hugs your will curves do the trick. For men, a dress shirt is one of the easiest things to wear in the world they will go with everything. Basics are everyone go to. Invest in your basic clothes. Bring a friend and shop. Play dress up. Buy clothes that are comfy and classic. Wear clothes that make you feel great. Wear clothes that make you feel powerful. Always and forever educating the world with articles, letters, and love notes. Happy
Hunger Games may the force be with us all. Be the slayer of the truth, be the cure and be kind to one another. Cyber love Cyber refresh, cyber world.


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