It’s pride month. Wear your pride and stand tall. Always from love Happy Pride month.


Hi there, if you are new to us welcome. We educate the world about fashion, lifestyle, arts, current events, heroes, and more. Today we are talking and celebrating our pride. Its pride month and June 1st is the beginning. When did the first pride parade start? On June 28, 1969, in Greenwich Village, New York City was the first pride parade. It was illegal back then for people like us to meet in public places. We were classified as a mental disorder by the society. Stonewall Inn a bar located in the West Village of Manhattan’s neighbourhood was the place to be for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals in 1969.


The police attempted to empty the bar on June 28th, 1969
LGBT individuals fought back, igniting three days of riots. The mother of pride parade was a bisexual woman named Brenda Howard. Did you know that each color of the pride flag has a symbol and a meaning? In 1978 Gilbert Baker designed the first pride flag in San Francisco. Pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for the human spirit.


There are still some people who until to this day condemn us for being who we are. There are still people like us that are scared and afraid to show the world who they really are. It’s more than just a pride. You are not alone in this fight. Go and learn about the festivities that is happening around your neighbourhood.


Celebrate your pride. Wear your most outrageous outfits. If you are gay and just trying to figure yourself out. There is nothing wrong with you. If you are suffering from the societies judgement that gays are not normal of fit to be part of the society. Stand up and let your voice be heard. Celebrate your individuality. Never be afraid. Always and forever Let the music play Happy Pride Month. Celebrate don’t hate. Be the best be you, be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Educating and changing the world with letters, articles, and love notes. Cyber love, Cyber world, Cyber Refresh. Dance to the beat of your own drum. play the game of love.


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