It’s a journey


We write to create and educate. We harness the light that was given to us. We have a gift in playing with words. We talk about, fashion, arts current events, people who matter to us, people who inspire us, politics, religion, our heroes, technology and our life. This is our magazine filled with articles, notes, letters and individuals that we meet along the way. Our lives we opened up to everyone.


Our world we opened up to everyone. A world filled with love, creations, and beliefs. We share our opinions, our struggles, and our journey. We bend the rules, make waves for us and our now legendary children. We push our limits and challenge ourselves every day on how to be a new age educator with intellect, pride, and honor. We are not the norm and never will be. Our subjects of interests are the ones that we only know the truth of it all. We built walls as a protection on other people’s opinions. We are fearless and motivated. We aim to please the world with information but with a twist. We celebrate individuality. We celebrate positivity. We celebrate diversity.


What we know and what we see we share them to everyone to inspire them. The courage to inspire, and to love is what fuels us. We evolve with time and the millennia. We are an artist, a writer, activist, designer, influencer, stylist, consultant, entrepreneur, publicist, coach, and slayer of the truth. We have made a promise to ourselves, our readers, and our loved ones to never stop. We conceptualize the games to showcase the talents of people we meet along the way. It’s a journey of love. We are building hubs. We are growing as our community grows with us. We take it all in. We invest our time with our priorities. We are travel magazine that has enough information to be enjoyed with love. We made it make a difference in the world. To find our own place in the society. It’s not easy but we love it. Always and forever changing the world with love one post at a time. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all. Be the slayer of the truth, be the cure, and be kind to one another. Cyber love, cyber refresh, cyber world.


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