Dineen 2.0


It’s finally open!! After weeks of anticipation (because I only just noticed it a few weeks ago) the second official Dineen Coffee Co. has opened its doors. The brand new coffee bar is located in the lobby of Commerce Court, right at the corner of Bay and King. (199 Bay St)


The new Dineen is a bit more modern looking then the Temperance location, however they are sporting some new twists to familiar sights, such as the famous Burnt Orange leather that accents the seating at the original location. Here they have revamped the design onto some very stylish and comfortable bar stools.


Another familiar sight, the super sexy, and insanley expensive italian espresso machine! I personally like this colour better then the yellow machinces sported by the original Dineen. 18723017_106644906597114_8896486138995277824_n

I love this picture, this is literally a work of art… And it’s not even the best design I’ve seen! All in all I am thoroughly impressed with the new location, and i hope to see many more to come!

Come on down to 199 Bay St and join us for some good vibes, good company, and most importantly AMAZING COFFEE!!!


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