For the love of denim. Did you know?


Oh hello, welcome to a travel magazine with a twist where we talk about lifestyle, culture, art and fashion. Today we are talking about everyone’s all time favorite piece of clothing denim. We all have it in our closets at home, we all love it and we all wear it by did you know that denim came from France? “Serge De Nimes”. Denim is a fabric made from cotton which originated in Nimes, France. This is why they call it denim.


Denim jeans weren’t known as ‘jeans’ until the 1950s – before this point, they were referred to more commonly as ‘overalls’. The authentic colour of denim takes its characteristic colour from interviewing indigo blue and white threads. Levi Strauss & Co. made the first blue jeans in 1873. Levi Strauss & Co. created a denim tuxedo for Bing Crosby in response to him being denied in a hotel room in 1921. The way of Showing Rebel: In early 50’s jeans, especially blue jeans were banned in every theatre, schools or public places as it was seen as a form of rebel against the conformism whereas today, blue jeans is a symbol of coolness and style.


Now people wear denim because of its versatility and how you can dress it down or dress it up. Comfort is also one of the main reasons why everyone loves denim. Around 7.5 billion feet of denim fabric is produced every single year. Crazy eh. Denim is a staple piece on everyone closets. Now there are finding more ways of creating different kinds of denim. They have deconstructed denim, stretched denim, selvage denim and even more. They also have different fits now. Skinny, straight, boot, boyfriend and more. Go out and check what the world of denim has to offer or you can Do it yourself at home and have a little bit of fun. Paint denim, add some cuts to your denim the possibilities are endless. Have fun with your clothes and express your own self and don’t be basic. Clothes should be worn with love. Always and forever educating the world one post at a time with articles, notes, love letters, and games. Let the music play Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all. Be the cure, be the slayer of the truth, and be kind to one another. Cyber love Cyber refresh.



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