We have a collection of articles, letter, love notes, and people that we love. But did you know what a Grabatologist does? They collect ties. There are so many different kinds of ties out there. From our favourite bolo tie, clip-on tie, bow tie, cravat, Ascot and more. Ties or neck ties were traditionally worn by men as part of their uniform in the old days. October 18 is International neck tie day. “La Cravate ” which is French for necktie originated the during the time of King Louis. Cravat which was just a piece of cloth worn by men on their necks is how it all started. The early neckties had a purpose of tying the top of there uniform jackets but eventual it was a look that they loved.


Crazy eh. Well, now men and women wear ties as look. Some men have work in a place that they have to wear a tie. Some wear ties for special occasions. Some just use ties as an accessory. You know what we say to do that do you! Whatever makes you happy. Clothes and accessories must but worn with love. Try and learn something new today. Go outside explore. Always and forever Changing the world with love one post at a time. Until our next post be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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