Always from love.


Today is talkative Tuesdays here at If you are new to us welcome. Our magazine is a new age media. We are a new age educators. We are a coach, we are an influencer, we are a consultant and more. We do things a little different around here. We talk about anything under the sun but with a twist. We talk about current events, fashion, art, culture, music and refresh people about old news that we love. We celebrate those who are our heroes and those who has inspired us to make our own path in the society. Online is our playground. We write articles, notes, and love letters.

We made games, shared our talents and the light that was given to us by gods that we play with. We incorporate words that we have learned from the streets and shared them with the world. We made nicknames for industry leaders that have communicated with us along the way. We share our struggles, our winning moments, and inspire people to make better choices. We say, do you!

It’s like a travel journal and we would like to take you for a ride. We started from our home base Toronto and moved our way to Montreal and now we are where we started. We are the mothers and fathers of our clan. We call them our legendary children. We have met so many people along the way. We educate ourselves every day for new topics.We open our minds and open our hearts to everyone. We only slay the truth of it all.

We have touched and reached so many people and we thank each and every single one of you guys who has been there since the beginning of our beautiful journey. We make waves we make sounds and we love what we do. We will never stop fighting. We will never stop challenging ourselves to find more ways to entertain you guys. Changing the world with love on post at a time. We aim to change the world’s perspective with a true voice for equality and love. We are about body and beauty positivist. Self-care for the new generation. Be mindful of your surrounding. Learn something new every day. Be the change and the cure.Always and forever Read us from page 1 we are nothing but a good read. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Cyber world, Cyber love. and Cyber refresh.


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