We say no to cyber bullying and cyber-shaming. Just like Sarah Hyland cart3lfromlove.com


Bullying is a form of violence with intimidating negative actions towards another person seen as vulnerable. Bullying is unwanted aggressive behaviour. Now its 2017 and bullying has moved towards the cyber world. Body Shamming and Cyber bullying is a topic that we would like to discuss today. It saddens us to see how this happens to people online all the time. We lived in a time where technology aka the early days of Myspace and Facebook was just starting. It was a different time then. We only had to deal with bullying in real life. Now since everything is just getting so advance. More and more kids are living in the cyber world. There are those people who really dig into others and bully them to the ground and now it has moved to the interwebs. Crazy eh.

letter-skinny-body-modern-family-sarah-hyland-10 (1)

No one is safe online even pop star actress like Sarah Hyland of Modern Family was recently shamed for her body weight online. She was recently attacked with negative comments about her body weight recently. But she let the world have it by answering in a 8 paged message.


We love the way she brought her voice with laughter but answering with a strong voice. We live in the world that everyone lives in social media. Anyone is open to be the target on being shamed or cyber bullied. We have opened our hearts and our world to people and we received love and hate. She is right all the way to the end how the world is falling apart and it’s up to us to pull it all back together. We should always stand up to what we see in the world no matter how small or how big you are in your life focus on appreciating each other. Be an activist for love. Stop shaming and bullying online. stand up, learn on what’s going on around you and spread the love. Changing the world with love one post at a time. We are new age educators with love notes, love letters, and articles. A magazine like no other. Always and forever cart3lfromlove.com let the music play. Its time to dance. Be you, be confident, and be the slayer of the truth. Don’t let anyone take your light. Play the game of love Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all.



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