Today is in motivational Monday here at lets start by saying motivation is the key to success in whatever aspect that you do in your life. Everyday we motivate ourselves to open up and educate more people on how to do you. We use our words and pictures to document what we see. 

Nature is best to be explored. Every once in a while you should go outside and appreciate the beauty

Dare to be different. Use clothing to express yourself. Look around you and open your eyes. Use everything as an inspiration. Appreciate the beauty that is everywhere.  

Open yourself to the world and it’s different cultures. Don’t be boring. Don’t be basic. Change the societies perspective. Never be afraid of the unknown. Release your inhibitions and change the world with love.

Speak up about certain topics and how it affects you. Be opinionated but with a strong view. There is too much hate around the world. It’s now up to us to change that. Always and forever articles, notes, love letters and more. Come join us and follow us around on our journey. Be the cure and be the change. Let the music play. Until our next post be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Happy Hunger games and may the force be with us all.  


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