Lets continue with all the love. Sunday funday cart3lfromlove.com

our world and our community keep growing larger and larger every day. Our love notes and articles have reached so many people. Everyone has seen our talents and our love for each other, our love for documenting and educating in our own way. We inspire ourselves and we inspire everyone each day. It’s hard everything is not a piece of cake. Especially for both of us. We made promises to each other to be there for each other no matter what other people say. We keep that promise and use it to fuel our small little magazine. We write differently here. We are filled with love notes, article and more. To make a difference you have to work hard in your vision, craft and push boundaries. We make everything work. We made the games for everyone to enjoy and to stand up with pride. We made waves for everyone to stand up together and rise and let the world know who is in our community and who are the people helping us along the way. We love the climb and the journey to finding our place into society. We are new age educators. We only speak up and talk about what we know. There is to much hate around the world and we are here for everyone who is different and diverse. That is why we talked about who are the ones who have helped us be inspired and tip them along the way. We live in a world filled with a different view on the society. We respect those who paved the way and we write about them. From Pop culture, music and more. We are the leaders of this pack that we have created.

We are writers, creators, artists, coaches, innovators, advisers in our own repeatable fields. We not only collect individuals we showcase them and their talents. We will never change and we will never stop inspiring and changing the world with love. We will continue to keep educating about fashion, arts, music, culture, food, health and wellness. The key to life is sharing everything you know to the world and help better the world. Don’t let the societies boundaries change you. Listen to your gut and your heart. Release your inhibitions and open your eyes to learning. Thank you to everyone who is helping us and encouraging us to continue the battle for equality and love. Thank you for believing in us and our now legendary children. Always and forever cart3lfromlove.com. Be the change be the cure and stand up for everything that matters to you.
continues to evolve, change minds and only slay the truth of it all. Until our next post keep on keeping on. Let the games begin. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Feel our love. Cyber world cyber refresh.


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