New age Stories, articles and more. Cyber refresh. Cyber love.

It has been a crazy journey. Looking back at thing is a good thing but you must always stay in the moment.We use to end the night and started the morning for everyone. But we change and we progress with time. We started our journey from Toronto then we head out to Montreal and now I am in Vancouver. crazy as it may sound but its been great journey and we love meeting people. Our stories and our articles are what got us here and we will continue to make waves for everyone. Here are some of our old articles and love notes that we wrote. For your Sunday refresh.


We wrote about our political views here and why we started our magazine online.


We also wrote about the strong women of media that we love and inspire us.


We also wrote an answer to Harper’s Bazaar Article! How they Texted Guys on Tinder using Carrie Bradshaw Quotes.


We also wrote about how lululemon embraced us.


We also picked our favourite pieces of clothing from the great brand.


Then we also celebrated our favourite Fashions from the Met Ball


We also wrote jokes that we love.


We also wrote a tribute to our great mothers here at cart3l.


We also picked our favourite Jennifer Fisher jewellery.

52f0517cd018a4f1bc8292db7a6d91f5 Then we have opening ceremony which we picked just some of our favourite pieces from this amazing brand.


We also found fashions on the streets here in Vancouver.  Until our next post always and forever  Changing the world with love. Cyber love. Cyber refresh. Let the music play. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all.


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