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The beauty of the world is how it advances. The beauty of the millennia is that there a lot of information out there. If you google the word symbiosis.

Definition of symbiosis

1: the living together in more or less intimate association or close union of two dissimilar organisms (as in parasitism or commensalism); especially: mutualism
2: a cooperative relationship (as between two persons or groups)the symbiosis … between the resident population and the immigrants — John Geipel

There is so much hate going on around the world. We must work together hand in hand and change it. This is why we built a magazine because of how much hate there is on individuality and just being themselves. We educate on body image, on doing what’s right for you and taking care of yourself. We shape shifts to the jobs that we take. We are writers, advisors, creators, coaches, influencers, and educators in a new way. Our readers and viewers now know what we are and how we will never change. We ventured out in originality and being real online. We made games and interacted everyone. We share the light that is given to us by the great gods. Each day we get ready to listen, learn and educate. We change and plan on how we will get to our destination with grace and might. We use the talents that are given to us. Sharing is caring. Stand up about the problems that you see out there. There is to much hate in the world. We must not only say no to hate, We must not submit ourselves to hate others. The battle of changing the world with love will never stop until we are all equal. There are still a lot of people who can’t go out and love the person that they love. There are still individuals who as scared because they are born in a certain skin or religion. We must not generalise people.
Judging VS Perceiving.Judging is the preference outwardly displayed. Judging does not mean “judgemental”. Judging people like order, organisation and think sequentially. They like to have things planned and settled. Judging people seek closure. Perceiving is the preference outwardly displayed. Perceiving people are flexible, like to keep their options open and think randomly. They like to act spontaneously and are adaptable. Perceivers like to keep things open ended. Always and forever let the music play slay everyone and be kind to one another. Until our next post happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.

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