Lets go. Whats up? Cart3lfromlove.com


It has been a crazy run. We have been working really hard BTS to not only bring better material for everyone but to showcase more of our talents. Our community is getting bigger and bigger. We have built everything from scratch and with love. We search for more people that can guide us and help us better educate individuals. We are new age educators where we learn and educate what we find trough our jobs, influence people to better themselves every day and to talk about everything that we love. We are a new age media. We will love bigger and love stronger every day.

Talking more about culture, music, art, fashion technology and history which we love so much. Breaking open our fears and gaining strength each and every day. We are nothing but a good read. Read it all the way from page 1 and see how far we have become. We don’t talk like anyone else out there. Our words and how we educate is our own twist that we add. The cyber world has a lot of different outlets out there talking about different things. We change that by going back into time and educating the world with a refresh. Cyber refresh cyber love. We change with times and talk about technology and how it’s changing not just the world but even the world of fashion. We are influencers in our respective fields. We only slay the truth of it all and stand up for individuality and originality. Always and forever cart3lfroimlove.com. Let the music play. Let the games begin. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Changing the world with love one post at a time.


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