Friday update here is what we did and what we wrote this week on


It has been a crazy week of working behind the scenes. Our community that we have built is growing each time. We write and document everything. We talk about current and old news. We love educating in this new age. Here are some of the articles that we wrote this week.



Sunday we wrote about one of our fashion love that inspires us. It was Victoria day and we celebrated that with a great icon.


Monday was inspirational Monday and we had some of our favourite quotes from the individuals that we love and motivate us here at


We are coffee lover here and we talked about one of our favourite coffee shops in Toronto.


Tuesdays were talkative Tuesdays and we remembered, talked about and educated everyone about Harvey Milk.


We also educated about the great time of the club kids.


On Wednesdays we wear pink

Ariana Grande

We also gave our love to those who have been part of the Manchester tragedy. Our prayers and our hearts belong to you guys.


Thursday was all about fashion and technology.


We also wrote about where fashion is headed to and how it’s changing with times.



We also stood up about the gender neutral world.


Then we had some fashion facts about fashion then and now.


There is lots to see and lots to read. Check them all out. It has been a great week. Work never ends here at We are new age media. We have articles, love notes, letter and more. We only slay the truth of it all. We stand and rise about subjects that we know and we love. Always and forever changing the world with love. Let the music play. Until our next post be kind to one another, be you and be the cure.


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