The difference before from now. Fashion and more. Always with love Cyber refresh.


Did you know in the old days that Calf muscles were a huge thing? Yes, this is true in colonial times, the calf was the most attractive part of a man’s body. Some even had calf enhancers to make them look even bigger and beefier. The lords wore breeches, Pantaloon, and trousers that generally will make their calf muscle look good. Women also didn’t shave. Body hair in women in the old days was considered erotic. Is me or isn’t that crazy. I wonder if Elizabeth I of England actually had hairy legs. But then again she also painted her skin white.I learned this two things when I was in school. Men look at their calves as the most attractive thing in the world and they made sure that their outfits would not just enhance but put the focus on their legs. They also said that King Henry viii would ask his wives and the people around him if the guy’s calves in better than his. Now men like to dress in two ways either that comfort level of relaxed jeans or a pair of super tight skinny jeans.


Women now have so many different types of waxes and all of that to get rid of hair all over the body. They also have machines now to not only shave it off but too complete laser the entire thing. Everything is all different from now and the past which is such a great knowledge to know how in the old days they had a whole different kind of struggle to look good and feel good. We say whatever floats your boat. We also say it all depends on your comfort zone. If you look good and feel good do whatever makes you happy. Dress to success. Enjoy what fashion has to offer and the millennia. Shave everything off even your head. We know lots of girls who have shaved their hair in the head and they look so good. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Never ever commit to the society ideas of what beauty is. We are all beautiful in our own way. Find that beauty that is in you. No matter if you big, skinny, short you are beautiful. Changing the world with love. We are new age. Games, articles, letters and more. Always and forever You know what to do know you are legendary. Have fun and let them have it. Be the cure. Slay on the truth of it all. Be bold, be you. and be kind to one another.


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