Gender neutral. Cyber refresh. always with love.


cart3l-001Now today in the world gender is an illusion, especially in fashion. More and more models who are different are being used by people. Gone are the days of people where they let their gender dictate their jobs in the society. In the old days, people are more into what the box is like. As humans, we grow and we become curious. We check things outs. Now men can wear clothing that is meant for women. Women can wear menswear and feel sexy. We talked about tech fabrics in our last post. Now we will be digging deeper into the clothing and how clothing has no more gender anymore. We see it from everyone. Women wearing their boyfriend jeans. Yes, the first people who were street style artists wore their boyfriend jeans and that why it became a fit that every brand now has. It’s really amazing and this should be celebrated. It’s nice where strong people who are more like high breeds are being celebrated everywhere. It’s shifting to the right direction of the world. You must not let your gender dictate the way you balance the world. Men can stay at home at taking care of their kids and women go out and do the job. The world is looking at beauty as beauty and not by gender.

It’s a great thing to see and be part of it. Even just looking at the magazines or just looking at social media. This must not just be celebrated it must continue. We must tip our hats to these beautiful creatures who allow themselves to be a vessel in the world. We love and encourage this. Just like the great gods of the fashion world who accept people like us who are not the norm. Thank you for standing with individuality thank you for standing and celebrating. We must change the world with love. Leave your inhibitions behind and respect people for what they are and what they represent or what they encourage to do. Change the world’s perspective, educate and stand up for everything that you believe in. Slay on the truth of it all and let the world have it. Always and forever Changing the world with love notes, letters, articles on subjects that are close to our hearts. Let the music play and let the love transform you. Be you, be strong you are a legend now and be kind to one another. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Be the cure! Evolve with love.


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