Fashion is changing with love. Cyber love. Cyber refresh.


Fashion as we know it.

Fashion is changing with times. More and more people are becoming into buying clothes that will last for a long time. Gone are the days of people looking at just clothes as clothing. Now people look at clothes and fashion as an investment. We are all about this. We like clothes and we believe in wearing clothes that transform you into the person that you want to be that day. Clothes must be worn with love. If you feel good and dress well it changes how you feel. It changes your mood. We all have a different way looking at fashion. Some look at it at just a thing or something to wear. Our world is different and we use clothing to shift us in the right direction. People want clothing that is sufficient in daily life. This is why the world of fashion is heading to the tech world. Tech fabrics where it has a purpose, it has a use, it does things. There are so many tech fabrics now that can give you heat or breath or absorbs. Smart textiles are the way to go. They aesthetics and the enhances your performance on the task that you do. These fabrics are amazing and the technology that we have now that they use to make the tech fabrics are so advanced. There are even more and more fabrics each day that is made to do different things. Some even change colours in your mood. There is also a fabric that can be more comfortable than some. If you are lounging around there is something for you.There is always something for someone in fashion. Fashion is for everyone. Fashion is a one size fits all you just have to find your own style and corner. We must look at clothes to be enjoyed. Dress like you own the catwalk but find your originality. Fashion is iconography. It symbolizes what you are and what you do in life. If you are a yoga instructor you wear something that you can move with. If you are a banker you wear a suit. That is the beauty of fashion it’s subjective. Look at the trends but dress it your way. Fashion must be celebrated. If someone wants to spend money and they have it then go for it. Do you as we say. Enjoy fashion.

Go out today and check what the world of fashion has to offer. Enjoy it and play with it. Check out a magazine but don’t be boring add your own flare to what you see out there. Stand out of the crowd and dance to your own originality. If someone says anything about what you are wearing then tell them its fashion!It’s all about balanced living. Looking at life in a better way and enjoying what the world has to offer. Always and forever Changing the world with love and educating people with a twist. We are a magazine that has a different tempo with letters, love notes, articles, and opinions on matters that are close to our hearts. We are new age media. We are new age educators. Coaches, writers, influencers in our respective fields. Let the music play feel the love that we have. Be the change and change the perspective of the world. Changing the cyber world with a cyber refresh. Let the music play. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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