It all starts in you. breaking the mentality with words. keeping it light. Cyber love Cyber refresh.


The world that we made for ourselves has grown into a bigger world than us. We have been working on every aspect today. When you work online people have a lot to say. We blocked them because we have our minds set on our goals. The dictionary has no definitive number of how many words there is because it continually grows with time. This is the truth of it all. Each day they find a new word to add to it. It’s such a beautiful thing to see how it expands. We are growing and we are expanding with the times. There are a lot of different voices out there. Ours is different than the rest. We are a Novelty with a difference.Novelty but will last trough time because we revolve and evolve around with our work. Each day we conceptualise and strategist how we can be a new age educator. What topics and what ideas to stand with. We are builders, educators influencers, and advisors in our own paths in life. When you open a door for the world to see you it opens up everything else. Why did we want to be a new age educator? This is a great question. We believe in working hard and taking opportunities that land to our laps. We look for the doors that are meant for us. Branding alongside people that we meet. We have selected to share the light that is given to us by the great gods that we are playing with in this game of love that we made ourselves.

The society has categorized people to be in a box and we are changing that. we don’t even look at the box if we do so we like to have our own twist on it just like the drag scene that we love the most. The ballroom scene has many categories so everyone can join in and have their moment in life. From butch queen first times in drag at a ball to serving body and fem realness. What are these? Butch queen is a term used to describe someone who is a butcher side aka more masculine. What is serving? serving is to showcase what your best asset is. So if you are serving body then you are telling the world that your body is sickening not like sick as in I am sick and I need a nurse or go to the hospital. Sickening as in You look so good it’s “Sickening” to look at “Nurse” is a term used when someone needs help with what they are doing. Fem realness is to be able to blend into the society as female counterpart. Open your eyes to the culture and you will see how beautiful it is. We look for culture and we look for stories that not only inspire us but is true to ourselves. We are self-made from the ground up. We aim to please and inspire people to see that there is the world out there. Take a moment to go outside and breath in the natures feelings. Until our next post. Let the music play. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all. Be kind to one another and only slay the truth of it all.


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