What we learned from our jobs. We are shapeshifters and we take the form of the jobs we love. Cyber word Cyber love. cart3lfromlove.com

Yes, today is talkative Tuesdays here at cart3l and we are talking about the jobs that we have. As a new age media, we take many different jobs. We are writers, we are stylists, we are artists, we are our own publicist, we are new age educators, we are consultants in the field that we love, and we are a coach online for beach body. The best part about being able to to do the work that you love is incorporating everything to your daily life. We talked about habits in our last post. Now we are talking about balanced living. If you ask anyone who is great at what they do and say hey do you love your job they will say yes. If you don’t like what you do make a change fast we only live once. Waking up in the morning and are not excited about what you’re about to do well do us all a favor and stop and think what’s best for you. Balanced living is about making choices in your life. If it’s being active or finding a hobby or even better make something from nothing. We have our paths in our life and this is our chosen one. Diet, exercise and a lifestyle that you are passionate about. Letting go of the things that scare you but being mindful of what you say. It’s all a balancing act. From making a routine and changing everything to finding inspirations from others. Never live a life without balance. Always focus on what your tasks but make sure it fun.

It’s a crazy world out there and there is to many people dragging each other down. Instead of doing that we should be balanced in all aspects. Help inspire others and help make a change in the world. There is to many hate crimes going on and we believe that starting with yourself first before helping others. It has been a great journey for us taking us to places that we never knew we could on our own. We made the magazine to educate people, we are happy for what we can share and what we can contribute to the society out there. Change something yourself every once in awhile but still stay true to what you are. Until our next post. Revolve and evolve your life to your passion. Talk to someone ask them what they do. Asking people is the first step that you can do for yourself. We are new age media. Writing about topics that we love. New words and a new message. we have articles, letters, games and more. We are here to change the world of online creatures that spread hatred. Let the games begin happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Be the best you that you can ever be. Only slay the truth and be kind to one another.


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