Today is Talkative Tuesday. Back to the grind. always and forever talking about habits! what are your good and bad habits?


It was a great long weekend and today is another day back to the grind for us. We have lots of things to talk about and today is talkative Tuesday. Let’s keep things very light this morning before we get a chance to do anything else. We are new age educators and we love to talk about topics. Today we are talking about habits. The good and the bad. My partner has just kicked out a really bad habit smoking. I am so proud of him for being able to quit smoking. It’s a hard one to quit trust me I know. I have tried over the years I quit smoking for about a year when I was in school for fashion design. Then thing got little nuts at school and I picked up the bad habit again. One thing that I just picked up lately is running. You can run in Toronto but in Vancouver, there is an extra push when it comes to running you get to be outside. You are able to enjoy nature and all of its glory. Nature is such a beautiful thing. You should really explore the outside and an adventure. Life is nothing but balance.


The balance of what’s good and balance of what’s not so bad. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Balance yourself make time about what is important to you. We believe in cosmic karma and whats goes around comes around. If you are passionate about whatever it is that you do. Put your head into it and make a plan. Balls to the walls and never give up. This is a magazine where we ask questions and people respond to us and we are so happy for that. Thank you to everyone who has been answering us and talking to us. So think positive today and embrace yourself. Let get this day started. Let the games begin. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. have a good talkative Tuesday. slay the truth and nothing but the truth. Be the cure you want to be and be kind to one another. Until our next post. We Won’t stop fighting. We won’t stop inspiring.


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