Lets talk about the sad news that is going on in Manchester. Our hearts and prayers are with you


Ariana Grande

What is going on with the world? This has been around the news since yesterday and we are sad and feel for the family’s victims. It was Monday night when the attack which was led by a suicide bomber who is now known as Salman Abedi. It was at Ariana Grande’s Concert. 22 dead and 120 people were injured. There were thousands of followers during the concert. It was a hate crime and terrorist attack. The witnesses said that there was a huge bang that shook the entire venue. The great American singer Ariana Grande had already spoken about this tragedy. She is deeply sorry about whoever was affected by it. Open your eye on what is going on around the world. Speak up and share your opinions so we can rally together to change things up. Manchester you guys have our hearts. Just scrolling trough all the images and information that we can find on the internet this is too alarming not to give our opinions about. Educate and stand up on certain topics that you feel that needs the light on. We don’t only owe that to ourselves but we owe it to the world so it changes for the better. Until our next post keep on keeping on. Be the cure and change the world’s opinions. Love is where it should always be. Cart3lfromlove.com



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