Today is inspirational Monday. Here are just some of our favourite quotes.


Times are changing and to be able to adapt to change we change along with it. When you work online there are a number of different ways to engage your readers. We have talked about almost everything. But today we are talking about inspirational quotes from our favourite people. We do things differently in this magazine. We like to educate and work our magic into it. We carry the light with us. This is the truth of it all. We will be keeping it light for today. We are a new breed out there. We talk about the subjects of hate crimes just like Mother Cher. Hate crimes are the scariest things out there. We are also not afraid to use all the colors in the crayon box just like mama Ru.


We have jokes and we love using them within our writing skills. The word reading is now two different meanings. One is safe explanatory where you read a book. Another is a street word from drag queens. Reading is basically letting someone know in a funny how you feel about them. For example Mind over matter, I don’t mind and you don’t matter says the great Minaj. That is basically her saying its okay she doesn’t mind what other people thing because she matters. Well, she did slay the Billboard music awards this year. Just like the drake. Who from the interwebs we found out that He is always going to work like he has something to prove. Great Moto to live by. Another winner is the queen B herself! Beyonce! We live by her rules and we talk about her and quote her a lot. What she said are self-explanatory great words to live by. But we all have our hero’s and we have ours and there here as well. We are new age media. We wear a different kind of shoes and we know what we are. We are here to educate and inspire in our own way. A magazine like no other. A change in what you see out there. What other people think of us is none of our business. We ain’t harming anyone we are just working our way to where we need to get to in life. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the games begin. We are new age media follow us around and play the game of love. We tip only the best of the best. We are swimming with the great gods of fashion, media, arts, music, and influencers like us. We make waves and speak up to subjects that are dear to our hearts. Magazine that keeps on keeping on. Slay everyone and be kind to one another.


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