Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention. cart3lfromlove.com.

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We believe in working hard in your craft. We also believe in changing up trough times. We found that there is a lot of different points and views in the millennia. Each and every single one of them has a different kind of voice and originality. Ours is different than the most. We add our daily life and on top of that, we try to inspire each and ever single one of the people that read our online magazine. We love fashion, arts, culture, health, and education. We are new age influencers, we work for different companies and work help grow together. We are consultants in the field that we love. He is a Chef in the making. Great in every single way. I am from the field of fashion and have worked my entire life from. This is where we are going to explain what we have done. Stylist, Content writer, buyer, Multi Media Marketer, and merchant. Now we have made our mark as the slayers of the truth. This is why we only talk about what we love and what we know. We have set out battles towards love. We are not the norm in any sense we are partners in love and in the company and community that we have built. We have added difference by speaking up to subjects dear to our hearts. We only spoke when we have a certain substance on the topic that we choose too put our heads to. We added games and added different characters into the play so we can have different views and aspects. Our concept is from the great rolling ages of the 90s drag and club kids era. This topic is we need to come back to. But in the old days, people have to go to balls in the drag scenes. We believe that drag is an art form. This is why we tip the people that play the game we love. We have shared the light to others. We have set the pace on how fast things are. We will never ever change and we will always keep on keeping on matter no matter what. We are story tellers in the new age.


Changing the way people look at the world and changing the world with love. The magazine has grown to a beauty. This is what we are proud of. For some its a weakness to show emotions. But we are glad and happy. We are just beginning we will keep adding more and more topics and updates for the companies that we are working with. Its a different kind of world now. Too much noise. You have to block the noise out and stay true to your talents and what you truly are. We learn more and more about ourselves every day and our real footing in the society. We educate and talk in a different kind of way. We learned from the streets, We learned from individuals that we meet and people that we love in the media that make the difference. New age media, now media. So come and join us for the fight for love. Play the game of love and enjoy our journey along the way. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Cyber refresh, cyber love. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Be the cure, be a savage be you.


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