Motivational Monday Start the day right. Start the day with

The courage to inspire is a hidden talent. The courage to do what’s right for me and him is what keeps us going on. To inspire and relate to the people is something that we aim to do. We have hardships in life. We go trough things. But to push trough while people judge you and rise on top of everything shows more than just courage. It shows that an online magazine designed for a difference. To not let society dictate what is what. A difference and earning your way hand in hand with the community that you built is what we have made. We rise and have changed people. If you are blind to see who we have touched then open up some more. We live, learn and educate. We are ruling over the dynasty that we have built together with love. Gone are the days of waking up and doubting what power is given to us by the great gods that we only inspire to work with. We have changed cultures and evolve with time.

We have seen what yelling out loud and getting people’s attention do. We are here to encourage people that no matter what is happening in your life there is a solution to everything. Changing and evolving and reaching to each and every single one we can. Hate comes when you are doing something to change yourself. We have stood up and keep on keeping on with times. We have new waves and new age kind of media. Where we talk about what we do, articles of differences and writing only about what we love. It’s not easy but we don’t back down on anything. Everyone has said their piece and we take it and respond to them. We all have out paths in life and we choose to educate. The millennia is changing and we should evolve with the millennia and instead of you know to head straight to castle of hate. Everyone must dig deep. We are part of the social media world and here to change the world on perspective. Play the game of love. We share the light that is given to our platform. We won’t change and we won’t stop. Never let anyone say you can’t. Inspiring the world with the play of words. Capturing things along the way. We have games articles and more. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the games begin. Let the love change you. Slay only the truth. Be kind to one another. Until our next post. Happy hunger games. May the force be with us all.


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