Happy Victoria day Canada. In honour of that we are talking about the great Victoria Beckham .


I wrote about her so many times at IX daily and Now more than ever is the time for me to us to talk about Victoria Beckham. We know her from here previous life as a spice girl. Which in the 90’s was just life! Then she married her amazing husband David Beckham and she became a full Blown Icon not just to women but to Gays out there. From here days of the Now known as the “Victoria Beckham bob”/ Her Hermes Birkin Matching days. She has slayed the streets with her fashions. I remember those times so vividly in my head. I had the Vicky Bob like everyone else. Then the rest of my family had it so I had to cut it off. She had every colour of Birkin and she matched it so well. Now she is known to be a fashion brand. She belongs to the fashion world. She has not only made her status as an Icon in music now she is changing up the game and really growing her amazing line. Her very casual but sophisticated clean lines on what wears is a killer on the streets. I love they way she even dresses on the airport. She knows how to match things properly. This is why her brand is working out so well. She knows how to take it to the next level and is never afraid to do whatever it takes to get things done.

She has a great sense of humour on top of that and she is a great mother to her kids. We love everything that she has been doing and they way she had conceptualise lifestyle and fashion into one. She is one of the people that inspire us here. She is a great caring mother but on top of that, she works hard. People have criticised her for the way she acts but she lets them have it. Victoria is a woman of many different attributes but she is known to be a great mother and very nurturing one at that. She has been spotted telling her kids off which we believe is how you should take care of your kids BTW! But the best thing about her is how she plays the part of what she needs to be. She can transform from a performer to a designer and her favourite part a mother and on top of that, she does it heels no flats. Yes, Queen thank you for inspiring us and thank you for giving us something to look up to. This is cart3lfromlove.com the online magazine that has letters, article, love notes, and games. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Play the game of love changing the perspective of online creatures. Cyber world, Cyber Refresh, Cyber love. Let the music play. Slay everyone like your Victoria Beckham on DMV. Be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another.

Victoria's traveling style


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