Coffee in the SIX.


History surrounds this iconic Toronto based coffee shop, from its prestigious location in the historic Dineen Building, to the beautiful 1920’s vibe that hits the minute you walk in. The Dineen Building was erected in 1897! A mere 30 years after the birth of this great country, making it one of the oldest buildings in Toronto! Former home to W. and D. Dineen Co. a fur clothing company which went out of business quite some time ago. The building itself made its way onto the City of Toronto Heritage Property list in November of 1973.



Located at 140 Yonge St. directly on the corner of Yonge and Temperance, Dineen Coffee is a great place to go for coffee lovers and history geeks alike. It can get quite busy at times but its still a great place to study, catch up on work or hangout with friends.


Dineen specializes in latte art, the very skilled baristas work diligently to provide you with the best coffee experience all around.


This is their Signature Coffee; a Medium roast Double Orgin (Mexico and Brazil) blend featuring chocolate and caramel flavour notes. They named it Temperance Roast after the street corner in which they sit. Come on down and give it a try i promise you wont regret it!



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