Sunday is Funday! What is your favourite Sunday activity? Brunch? Here is ours. Cyber refresh. Changing the world with love.


Happy Sunday Funday. Sunday is one of those days that is just a day of fun. But you always have that feeling of it is almost time for school / the work week. But the great thing about Sunday is brunch. If you don’t know what brunch is well two things. First of all its 2017 if you don’t know what brunch is then you are missing out. Second, of all where is your friends? Breakfast and Lunch merge into two that is brunch. You go out with your friends and gather up and eat and divulge into the topics that you love. A lot of our brunch topics revolve around work and what is happening around in the culture. It’s fun when you go out to brunch and have a moment to sit down and talk to your friends, family and loves ones. Just like here at this online magazine, we talk about brunch topics. For us nothing anything and everything is open for brunch.

Personal life
work life
Pop culture
Social Life whats the T
What’s trending around the world


Let us know what your Sunday is all about. What topics you guys talked about and also what are you Sunday habits that you guys love? We not only love Brunch but we also love the Sunday comics. Let’s get this Sunday on we have lots to do and lots to say. Let’s keep on keeping on and happy Sunday. Keeping things light no mayo! It is humor that is the best thing during brunch and Sunday. We bring humor, culture, stories, articles, and questions. Our audience in big and we try our best to communicate with each and ever single one of them. Play the game of love. Let the music play always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games. May the force be with us all. Slay only the truth and nothing but the truth.



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