What have we done in the past? What we are. What we will be. Stories, Waves article and more. cart3lfromlove.com

The platform and the team have been complete. The voice, how we revolve and evolve the whole thing with our lives and what we do and who we work with is how we are adding the whole thing up. We have made a great magazine filled with the difference and a voice that people truly love. Some who read us really have been following our entire journey since day one. We should go back to the start and what we have done. We started from Toronto made our way to Montreal and now we are in Vancouver. It has has been a great fight for love equality. The life of people working online is not a piece of cake this is not for everyone. You hustle and push trough. You yell about your topics and make sure you’re faster than everyone else. Everyone who believes that people are just going to hand something to you that is where you are wrong. If you want something you must work hard in order for everything to work out. We have conceptualized our jobs and our passion together into one. We educate and we learn on the way to our goals in life. Each day gets to be a struggle but we pack it up and push trough to our next locations. Fashion is something that we have a huge background from. I have been a writer, designer, merchant, stylist, buyer and junior marketer in an agency and social media manager. We have focused our life trough what we do and what we speak honest off. We came from different schools where we both learn. He is the in field of making food. He is a chef. I am a from the fashion background. What we are and what this magazine will be is from both of our passion. But along the way, we inform everyone and break the chain for not just the both of us but for everyone that we love. The media has different aspects already. From online magazine of different cultures to what is happening in their neighbourhood.

What we are is inspiring people that if you fight for your dreams and work hard on it and enjoy the journey. Embrace what you learn and focus hard on the bigger picture sis what there is at. What is the brand all about? we focus on us and we add other characters along the way. What we see is what we write about. The emerging talents that we have been collaborating with and who we are working BTS and who has been in this the entire time is not just our people but they are who we call our now known as our legendary children. Most of these people have been already in our life and some we have added along the way. Trust is where it’s at and do your best and worry about the rest. We made the game to get everyone in our life involved and share their talents. What is it? Is it a magazine? yes is it a brand? yes is it a community? yes. We are proud of what we came up with but the fight is just getting started. Each day we change the world and each day we play and tip those who have helped us. We are known now as the slayer of the truth we can write, sing, dance and creative work are what we do. Don’t hate to appreciate. Serve what you can and when you can. In life, its how you rise and work is where it matters. Always and forever Cart3lfromlove.com. New age media. Now media. Come play the game of love. Be kind to one another. Slay everyone and leave the family alone. Cyber love cyber refresh.


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