Motivational weekend. Validation from the gods the new and the old. How we reject negativity and push trough. We keep on keeping on and slay the game with love. Political views and more. Always and forever


It’s the weekend and work never stops. When you work online you don’t have any days off. Especially when you are just starting. The great gods that we truly love and appreciate are from all over the world. Just like the contributors and the team that we have is all over the world. We represent them as our kids. When he won things more than just changed the world. He was elected by people and now he is in power. While we can’t stand the idea that he won. He affects us every day. Sometimes we wonder how the hell is he a leader in this world? we shall dig into this topic today more than ever. We cant stand idiocy. Some people believe in him and how he can make America better again!? It seems like he is running a new level of a reality show! When you read and see how he affected people by what we call now sickness it just keeps getting better and better. It’s not fun to sit back and just watch this leader destroy the world that we love. He must be stopped. You need to start voicing your opinions about how he ruins people and communities. We have stood up a couple of times about this subject. It scares us the most because of 5 things

He is very much close to the country that we live in
He is destroying people and communities that we fight for.
He disrespects peoples views
He motivates other people to make him sound good?
He is in power!
If you won’t say anything about it who are you? If you don’t stand up for something who are you? if you can’t read yourself how the hell are you gonna read somebody else?

We believe strongly of voicing out everything that we love and hate. Much to the appreciation of the crowds and validated by the great gods we love we continue to act of subjects that are very close to our hearts. We believe in educating people not just us on what the world has turned into. Our audiences are different from the rest. We serve nothing but the truth. We say no to negativity and we say no to people that we truly think have made the world more ugly again. You must broaden your mind. Talk about subjects that matter to you but have a punch of difference out there. We started as a joke and now people do take us seriously and we use our brand and journey that we are taking. Play the game of love and only spread the love.


Be informative. Don’t let the society take your voice. Don’t let anyone take your individuality or your purpose or reasoning on what you want to do. Times are changing we must embrace what we are born to do and born to achieve. To make a difference you must know what to say and when to say it. Make the audience listen to topics like what we do. We stand for us, our community, our family, our voice and now our legendary children. We own the power that was given to us and we stand hand in hand next to the community we built. We stand for love and equality. Gone are the dark days. It’s time to play the game with pride and strength. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Lets the games begin, slay everyone and leave the family alone! It’s time to dance! loose your inhibitions and be kind to one another.


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