Its the weekend! Hello world hello everyone. Hows it going? 

Rise and shine. We got lots to do and lots too say. Its been a grate and amazing time but we are answering some of the questions that people have. 
☆ What is the magazine about?
The magazine is about empowering individuals to do take care of themselves and do what they want in life.

☆ What made you start the magazine?
We wanted to inspire people and do something different and fun.

☆What do you do?
We run our small business. We consult other companies. I am a beach body coach online. Publicist and more.

☆What brings you to Vancouver? 
I am here to set up a part of our business and to grab more contributors along the way

☆Why cart3l? Cart3l gas a bad connotation and we wanted to change that by proving people wrong.

☆What is this game that you keep talking about? Well I have played it with my friends and family. Its basically having fun online and adding old embarrassing photos. But now it has evolved to tag your it. Slay with pictures. Tell us your stories basically day in the life.

☆What is the theme? Its about all vintage drag where people read each other down.

Its been along time since we answered comments by people. Its kinda nice when people ask good questions and not be rude about. The world comes with negativity and the society has told us other that you must be a certain way or speak a certain way or do certain things to be accepted by the world. This is not the case. Being the norm is nothing that we like. We are different. The magazine is different and we tip those who gave us ideas. We challenge our selves to find other ways of entertaining or making noise that in a way we are proud off
. We are artist we write what we see what we do and communicate in a different way but with a clear voice. We are new age media. Now media. We have articles letters, waves and more. Enjoy them rise to them and play the game that we love. We are playing it with such great individuals that we call sharks and gods. They smile on and keep on keeping on. We have more to say and more to do. Lets get the games begin. Let the music play. Always and forever cart3l dynasty.


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