Answering people and the way they react. We mustn’t be afraid. Self care with the help of the world one post at a time. Slaying the truth of it all. Cyber refresh on a weekend. Cyber love. How we are talking to individuals we love and how it started. Roasting ourselves.

It all started on one post. I remember this whole thing at the back of my head like there is no tomorrow. It’s the post of asking a question of how we can be of people’s service? how we can help. I was already here in Vancouver. Staying at my sister’s place and I just had a talk with my partner about what’s up? Then I posted a whole thing about what would you like? Food? and then I went to social media and it was Tina Leung who we now call Tina Lina Ballerina. Then Byranita, Suzzia Bubblelina, Adam and more. We then started giving people more and more nicknames. When you know something you must grasp the entire thing. We believe in cosmic karma this is why we do share our talents and the light that was given to us.We then heard the song drop by a great monster. Then we saw how people reacted and with that, we changed. We then spoke only the truth of it all. Some people have added a negativity on the subjects that we indulge in. Power is power. But power is subjective much as the truth. The beauty of the world where opinions are different is what we respect out of. We will be roasting ourselves in this post, what people have called us, what people have said and the truth of it all.

People are people and we love talking about how people react. They have said words from being a know it all, sick leader? was the best one and more into the words of morals. How would you know someone’s morals without asking? how would people understand what is going on when they can’t see what we saw? funny how people react and we have been seeing each and everyone’s reaction. We are ruling why slaying BTS. Sometimes you must drop the other but we stayed truth and kept working and working on the building and rebuilding of our concepts and the community. That is when people finally got it. That’s is when others started to get involved by adding more of their views around us. When you scream or tell the world what you’re doing. As humans people were curious and people kept giving their unsolicited opinions. Some went event to deep by messaging their attacks. This is when we started the games and the waves. We must be the strongest and we must be the once who dictate the pace. We made the platform to showcase not just us but everyone in our lives. We don’t have the same time as what we did before. Things are getting faster and faster and we have to evolve trough times.

Yearning for a more complex wordings. The world has looked at defining how people should react?! Why is that in the case of helping people? We made it and we know what we are working towards on. Now more than ever we believe and plan on what we have to divide and concur. There is two of us and we are enough for everything else.

Now we are known to be the slayer of the truth. We challenge not just us but the people around us on how to change and grow. We have big mothers that we tend to keep a close on call and talk about the topics in hand. But we must stay true to ourselves so by leaving the ugly which we made fun of by keeping it light they backed off.

We all have different paths in life. Ours is to mutate and evolve around what we love to do. Educating people and changing the world with love. There have been more hardships on us because of the distance. We talk and plan. The whole thing we did not see who we touched with what we are doing and now its has grown to be bigger. It’s been cute and its been nice but There are more things to be slayed and done today. So for those who have questions keep working on it because we are faster than you. Keep light and share the light. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Slay everyone and leave the family alone. Let the music play. Shantay we all stay. Be the cure and be kind to one another. Cyber love, Cyber strength. Happy Hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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