Another day another slaying day. Reminding people about love.


Its been a day. Glad to have another day over and excited for what tomorrow brings.  Today is another day of exciting but tiring day of working BTS. We are glad and happy with all the warm loves that we received from everyone. If you send love out there you get love back no matter where its from. We have been constantly juggling everything and its been working out. When you listen you get rewarded. The game that we love has been getting bigger and bigger. Its times like this that we step back and really look at what needs to be done. We changed a lot each day. We reflect and see. We look at the bigger picture. The fight is just starting. We keep getting stronger and stronger. Smarter with the tactics. A lot of this is from the days when we didn’t know where things are going or when we didn’t realise how big we have moved others and how we have affected more and more people. Things in the world revolve around where you need to. Example we revolve our selves around cyber world and to dominate the game we love. We have broken a lot of chains before people opened up there door. We struggle just like anyone else out there but we show up when it matters the most to us. is not about just inspiring the uninspired. Its about being brave to do whatever it takes to bring your creations to life.


We are the new age media. New waves new sounds. Different from the rest out there. We have articles, games and more. But our favourite part of all is looking at how ridiculous people get to be. This is why we built walls not just to protect ourselves but to see who really pays attention. The games is where its at. Play by the rules and really dig deep.  We are known to be the slayer of the truth and known by people. The light that was given to us by great gods we love we embraced it. We have more too say and discuss and we will keep talking about everything. But for now its to end a victory on love, a victory for individuality and changing with times. You must listen to no one but the people around you.  Before you read anyone else read yourself first. The questions of did you change? did you evolve? did you make the most out of the day? This is what we start with everyday and see. We react to only specific things. Topics that we only know about and educate people each day. We are and will always will be the cart3ls. We slay the world by changing each day and taking out the/ cleaning the cyber world full of negativity. Speak no evil, Hear no evil. See no evil. Let the games begin. Let the music play. happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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