About today. What fashions we love. West coast edition. Always and forever cart3lfromlove.com

Well the week is done we are so glad for all of the great news that we have been receiving. When you look at the positive side of things. Even moments are all different. Its hard because he is still there and i am still here but we make it work. We manage everyday. There are things that is not under your control there are things that is. That’s is what we focus on and that is where we see. Fashion changes just like we do. Fashion is something that is like are you need to be subjective.

Fashion is everywhere and it must be apreciated and it must be love and embraced. 

 You need a certain eye to be able to see what the trends are. We have that and we have been using it out and sharing to people along the way.

We have been seeing a lot of colours on the street. Which we love. There is something about old people when they change it up its so different.

But what is more apparent in the streets and with people is we all dress for functionality and comfort. But its up to you on how you perceive what style. Until our next post play the game of love. Always and forver cart3l dynasty. Let the games begin. Until our next post feel the love. Cyber love. Cyber refresh. Lets the music play. Hapoy hunger games may the force be with us all.



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