Whats up? Vancouver? Whats up Toronto? Whats up world? What we saw. What we did.

We start the day properly with coffee. Its a routine. You must take care of your health so after a good healthy breakfast we dive into our workouts. Its easier said than done. But it makes us feel better. We love our jobs. We love what we do.

The east is home. We are at west finishing another side of our business. The east is where he is and he is also working hard and getting things done. 

When you work online. You never stop. You always find another job on top of what you already have. Its great but juggling a life and juggling the rest is not a peace of cake. But we want more jobs so line them up. We have our kids aswell. 

But what we see here in vancouver is amazing. They fashions from the east to the west is different but fun. 

Raincoats are a must! Just like the canada goose jackets that swarm the east coast. But here in the west they do love the bright there bright colors. 

Oh the differences of east and west. Its great to be able to come in and out. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the games begin. Its time to dance. Let the music play! Thank you so much for everyone who has been enjoying our small little online platform. Things are moving just like we are. Thank you to those who we have been talking. Last but not the least! Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Slay everyone but leave family alone. 


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