The year of strong women of media. Its about time. We have to embrace the new age. Filled with women running the show. Filled with new individuals. Celebration of women. Celebration of love


Lets dive into this topic. We love celebrating individuality. We love what we do and informing people on what we see in the media. This time around the topic is revolving around women. Women in society and how they are changing the game. Just to list a few people that we love. Amy Schumer, Anna Dello Russo,Chiara Ferragni, Rumi, The Vreelands, Rihanna, ChianaTina Leung, The Youtube Trinity, Grace Helbig, Hanna Hart, Mamrie Hart, Jennifer Fisher, Chelsea Handler, Miroslava Duma Jessie J, Beyonce, Wanda Sykes, Nicki Minaj, Jlo, Rachel Zoe, Cara Delavigne, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell Ellen, Oprah and more. From fashion, Music, Bloggers, Designers and comics all of these women have in common is they are working their media outlets. They are strong and fearless leaders. They have a movement. They have a stand in the society. They are well respected but they don’t let it get to them. Women they don’t look at the power they have. Women are the future of the millennia. They are good at changing and not letting the society dictate their pace in the field they love. They a We look up to these women. We find that there is to much hate on women online. They love to grill that women can only do one thing. Well if you googled all of these women in their respective fields then you will see how they change the world with love. Love of the field that they are in and inspiring people each and every day. This year as well we find that women have created a great formula in taking over the world. They join forces and build a strong support system for them. Just like them we look at what the media has and see how we can fit ourselves in and make our own mark to the society.


The best thing that we see what women do that men can’t do. They are multi-purpose individuals. They are not just one note. Sorry for the Men that we work with. But it’s time they get the full recognition that they deserve. Gone are the days that women have to slave their selves at home. Now women in the society dictate, they also nurture, and breed new to everything that they do. If you are not in touch with your femininity or against feminism in general then you are living in a sad world. Feminism is a topic where people just look down on. If a woman or a gay man is in power most individuals will look at it and call them names to objectify them. Positivist is what women add to the characters of the world. Some will take it really harsh. But they know how to address things just like there male counterfeit or sometimes even better because there are more open to their opinions.They also go trough more hate than men. Women have to think about everything from head to toe. They are also objectified every day. Skin colour, Hair, make up, what they do? or what they can’t do. This is is everything that women have to go trough just because they were born in their bodies.


Men have generalized what beauty is. We must not get sucked up to this madness. We must find the battle hand in hand with these beautiful creatures. Sad but this is the truth of it all. This is why we wanted to make this article to celebrate the women in our lives and the women who we look up to. We want to thank you for giving life to us. We want to thank you for educating us every day. We want to thank you for inspiring us and helping us grown. We won’t know what to do in this world without women in our lives. They are the backbone of our love. Just like these individuals. We play the game hard. Make waves and sounds different from the rest. Each post we change the world with love. We inspire those who can’t and we push trough no matter what. For us, for our mothers, for our family’s, friends and our now legendary children. We discover things every day. We educate people. We are new age media. Sharing what we see, educating as we go, collaborating, standing up for individuality and playing the game that we love the most. Until our next post Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Don’t submit to the society’s wrong perspective of life and values. Let yourself be the judge of it all. Let the music play. Let the love we have for each other cure you. Be kind to one another. Let the games begin happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Cyber Love, Cyber Beauty, Cyber Refresh.


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