Lets get on with shall we? Trust your gut. Trust yourself. Always and forever cart3lfromlove.com

When people talk as if you know they dont know anything thats because they are assuming. Its funny how people cant accept things sometimes. We are working even if we wont show ourselves. We are like ninjas. Cart3l is about love. Cart3l is about working towards your goals and slaying it. If people really wanted to help they will no questions ask. Its been a crazy time. Crazy in both ways. Because im still here and he is all the way there. But our plans are set even though its hard we push trough it. 

We worked so hard to get to where we are. There is no stoping us now. We eant to update everyone on whats going on. We are working with great individuals here in vancouver. He is also handling things and working with brands that we love in the east. Its a double trouble. We are handling things as much as we can. 

We have seen so many individuals and we pick and choose each and every single one of them and call them our children. These people are our contributors. We have made the game so we can showcase them and let the world know who they are. We are new age media. Different people have different magazines. Ours is different. We talk about ouselves and our struggles. We talk about what we love. We have different kinds of characters and on top of that we have the waves that we put up for everyone. Its been fun and its been cute. But its time time to get going. Lets the games begin always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Its time to dance. Slay everyone but leave family alone. Stepping up the game! Until our next post smile. The world is watching. Be kind to one another. 


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