Ending the night with love, about yesterday and more. Cyber hustling BTS

Wow yesterday and today was alot of working and messaging people. Its been fun and alot of things are getting done. We are beat to the gods. We push trough and we are glad and happy this night is ending to a good place. 

He is in toronto and working on alot of things. Building everything from scratch and doing it together from east to west is easy but hard at the same time. We dont like to patch things up. We like planning and executing as we go.

Thank god for people that we meet along the way. We love are known as the slayers of the truth. We are thankful for those who stood for us. 

We have lots of more work to do. Lots of examing things. This is the beauty of having two people run and do things. More fun and easier. You get to really see who is by your side. We are new age educators filled with articles, letters and more. 

We use each and everything we see. So for tonight we end it back to love. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Never ever let anyone take your light. Listen, work hard and stand up when needed. Thank you and xie xie. Slay everyone and leave family alone. Until our next post be kind to one another. 


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