Ending the night with love. And raincouver. 

What a day. Its been a crazy two weeks and today was another day of hustling and bustling. We have been working hard. Im still here finishing things up and he is still there. Our plans are set. Those are just for us for now. People are people and when people tell you things and they dont listen in response to that we smile! Hey lover! The ugly has grown but we dont look at then anymore. Do not feed the monster. Look at them in the eye first and then tell them no! Say no to people that dont do anything to you. When people say oh you are not suppose to be doing that? Who said you cant? Dont let anyone dictate. 

Today more than ever we found delight in the little things in life. We maybe far away from each other but you know we are both working towards our goals. If you want to do something sometimes you need to keep it a secret. Sometimes you have to be vocal about it too. This depends there is time for everything. 

For those who respounded to us we thank youm for those who stood for us. We thank you again. The game that we love has grown. The game that we are playing with everyone has beem getting faster. Each day we look at who and which people gave us love. We thank you guys.  We all struggle in life but always know that if you are not hurting anyonr keep on keeping on. We do try our best and that is enough for everyone. We know what we have done and who we affected. We see what they say and we wait to talk about things. 

We cant wait to tell you what we are working on. But for now lets end the night back to love. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Its time to dance. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Slay everyone and leave family alone.


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