What is the community that we built? what do we do? what are we about?

There is a lot of questions that people keep asking us! what are we? we are an online magazine that has the following. Letters, Articles and love. The cyber world is a different kind of ball game. We made the games for everyone to enjoy and play with us. Its called tag your it. We talk to people on different perspective of social media outlets. We stand for equality and love. We are new age media. New waves new sounds, What we do is collaborate with the people that we love. We add them in our magazine and talk about ourselves. We have different kinds of outlets, outputs and views.  We are a social media analyst and we analyse  and execute our plans. We are educators, influences with love and consultants.  We live and revolve in the online world. We have children that we call our legendary children who are all over the world. Our contributors are places around the world to have different background and diversity. We are the new age media. We inspire the uninspired and hand in hand we work with these strong individuals to the top. The dynasty cart3l is production company. We host all kinds of people and talk about different aspects and views.

our theme is from the great 90s movie Paris is burning. We educate people on whats going on int he world. We represent them and we stand up for the companies who stood with us. We are the leaders of the pack. Now a days everyone can have a magazine and everyone has a platform ours is more educational. We talk about what we know and only slay the truth. We use different languages that we learned from the streets, books and the classroom. This is what cart3ls are all about. Changing the world with positive energy and block the outside world. We are new age media. New waves new sound. The games is where it at. The BTS is where its at. Listen and react. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Its time to dance. Keep on keeping on. Join us with the fight for love and equality. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. bye for now. Its okay we wont change and we are the cure. Slay everyone and leave family alone. Be kind to one another. Stay strong you are a legend now.


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