The new era. New waves new sound. New waves. New media! Inspiring people. Learning and educating with love

Not everyone is lucky to be able to have a strong idea of what you should shout about. Not everyone can write. Lucky are we to have recieved gifts. The gift to be able write. The gift to be able to do what you like. The gift to be able to reach individuals. The media and the society is surrounded with different sounds. Sounds that can be both informative and disruptive. Alot of the times our brain is used to the sound. But you know you can drown them. You can if you reflect on only the negativity that is around then you will drown instead of rising. 

Majority of the people dont like change. We are designed as humans to not change. But with that being said. Embracing change is a different ball game. You must evolve with the times but not let the times change you. Knowing when to stand and what ideas you have to stand for is vital in making a company. Even when you struggle. Even when you fall. You push trough. You breath the fresh air. A great mother once said. Remember who you are. Unleash the dragon and let these bitches have it. We educated ourselves from our school but learning never ends.

We like to think that life is about using the whole box of crayons. Inspiring those who cant be inspired. Stay true and only slay the truth of it all. Dont be trowin’ No shade. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Shantay we all stay. Cart3l is the cure. Let the love change you. Embrace the new era and love the old. Cyber world cyber love. Let the games begin happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Good night and goodmorning. Dont worry we wont stop. Always and forever cart3l dynast. 


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