An answer to Harper’s Bazaar Article! How they Texted Guys on Tinder using Carrie Bradshaw Quotes. Keeping it extra light Hello Lover.


As I sit in the train on my way home. I Went on Facebook. Then from Scrolling down the hateful vines and laughing on my way because how ridiculous people are.  Boom we found GOLD! Harper’s Bazaar just made an article on how they actually messaged people on Tinder in Carrie Bradshaw quotes.  Lets get into this.  It is true I believe that if you have never seen at least one episode of sex and the city you have lost out in a lot of ways.  There is nothing like this TV series/ Movies. We will be digging into this because its a must.


  1. Tinder has a plus now? What? Seriously! I also want to say that there is nothing wrong with tinder. A long time ago not a friend of mine no more. She use to use Tinder and she was so picky you can believe how Charlotte this girl is. She would be no this guy is not even wearing a nice outfit! Wow
  2. It is really funny how Carrie Bradshaw’s quotes are really smack on.
  3. I will never be that woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill. White is a great colour but ciao it is hard. I’m with Carrie on this.
  4. I also wanted to let the hate full people of the Inter-web know that I am getting married to myself and I’m registered at Manolo Blahnick. Wait no lol but this episode how she stood up for women all over the world because of her decisions is such inspiring moment for everyone. Come on she did it for shoes. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself or else you will get lost.
  5. Some women just aren’t suppose to be tamed. Well she did get tamed at the end so. I dunno know about this woman.enhanced-buzz-26679-1367421298-35
  6. Props to the guy who actually knew the references. Amen she carried away.
  7. But when he started talking about how she is a Miranda. I died I knew a leader once who is a Miranda and she really was a Miranda just saying. She lived in New York and wanted to be Carrie.
  8. I’m not in the mood to be around people! DEAD!  But the guy was intrigued.
  9. I think its romantic if someone offer me a seat on the subway. Canada they will just saying.
  10. Every once in a while, A girl has to indulge herself! Kapow Kapow Kapow Boom


Now why they didn’t add the other girls? I dunno why! but I think we all know Samantha will sell like K Pop music in america. Fast and easy! K POP is the coolest out of all Asian music out there no T no shade no pink lemonade. No one will go on a date with Miranda on Tinder just saying. I love her and her you know humour but come one Miranda on Tinder I dunno! Last but not the least Charlotte will be the date girl and she will make a killing on tinder but then again who knows. Love the girls and everyone should have a little bit of every single one of the 4 in there life every once in a while. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty. Then I realise hello lover is what we will be calling the ugly from now on. Slay everyone and leave family alone! Until our next post keep on keeping on.


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