About yesterday. What we saw what we did.

Wow it was crazy day for both of us. Alot of hustling. Meeting people is our investment. Moving like art and looking at our surroundings is what you have to do.

We revolve and evolve each and every single way we can.

Nature is something that needs to be explored. Its something that needs to be enjoyed.

We create, embrace and embrace culture.

Art follows you around and art is part of our brand. We love it we find beauty in places. We find that journey is where we learn. 

Clothing is something that comes hand in hand with art. 

Educating is a hard job. We know that. People have different views and concept on what life is. Its up to you to use what the milenia brings to you.

Embracing individuality and learning as we go to our next destination. 

The world tell us what beauty is. But as a member of the cyber world. We must not objectify what beauty is. You must enjoy it. You must embrace it. 

Never ever stop learning. Never ever stop giving light to do those who doesnt have it. What is given to us is what we give back. Cyber love. Cyber world. Cyber kings and queens. Cyber children. Changing the world with love cart3lfromlove.com always and forever cart3l dynasty. Play the game of love. Slay everyone and leave family alone. Until our next post be kind to one another. 


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